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You Can Spot A Borderline From A Mile Away (by Paul Elam)

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Violence By Proxy: False Rape Allegations

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Hello, and welcome to the site. I love technology, and work in the field of IT. I'm a father of two healthy and hearty boys and one girl, and a musician. I build custom computers as a hobby, and create custom databases for management at work. I write in a few programming languages including PHP, VB, SQL, and recently started playing with JQuery. I've set this site up as a means to speak my mind as I see fit without censorship. Also, to re-upload deleted content censored by radical left wing social media sites. Here, they have no control over content/information. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find the content to your liking.

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VOX REBUTTAL: Everything is Made for Men?! | Louder With Crowder

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These are a collection of videos that have either been removed/banned by YouTube; Or are in danger of just the same. If they are recoverable (or I already have them) They will be re-uploaded here to keep valuable information online. Click HERE to go to the video main page.

Why Men Think With Their Dicks

This video was removed from Paul Elam's An Ear For Men channel on YouTube for supposed hate speech. We know this is complete BS though. The video remains on his A Voice For Men channel and his Bit Chute page as well though. So you can watch it there as well.

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This video was on YouTube for over 10 years and late in 2021 they decided to remvove it for "Hate Speech". The irony about their descision based on a faulty premise is that the video showed the hate speech of homosexuals and atheists. There was no hate speech from any of the Christians that participated.

  • | Views: 3504
You Can Spot A Borderline From A Mile Away

This video was originally uploaded to YouTube by Paul Elam from An Ear For Men. The video was censored and removed for no legitimate reason. It has been re-uploaded here for the sake of fighting censorship and spreading important information. A relevant and complimenting article is Paul Elam's own "How to spot a borderline from a mile away"

  • | Views: 5620
Tennessee Paternity Test Law, Killed By Women's Political Caucus

2010: Remember when the Tennessee Women's Political Caucus killed off a mandatory paternity test law? One that would have protected men from paternity fraud by women? Pepperidge Farm remembers...Women's groups spend an enormous amount of time, activism, and money lobbying for laws that give them special rights and treatment, while simultaneously lobbying AGAINST laws that give men fair and equal treatment.

Nearly 1/3 of men (30%) who were suspicious enough to get a paternity test, found their suspicions were warranted (50% according to the video's study, with a national average of 17%). Imagine how many more are victims that do NOT test. A wise man once said (paraphrasing): "Just because you're the kind of man a woman wants to marry for financial security, does not necessarily mean you're the kind of man she really wants to part her legs for".

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Latest Blog Posts

These are a collection of my thoughts on certain topics. These topics can range from anything between refutations on biblical topics, to opinion pieces on MGTOW topics. Click HERE to go to the blog main page.

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DHS-sponsored report from March CONFIRMS that large Manosphere creators were targeted by state-funded censorship campaigns

  • |
  • by Krazie316

A user going by Bx on Twitter (now X) recently posted a thread detailing a state sponsored effort to target and censor Manosphere channels.

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Does Abuse Contribute to the Development of ‘Gay’/Same Sex Attraction?

  • |
  • by Truthfinder7070

It must be always clarified that this isn’t a claim that every person who develops homosexual inclinations was sexually abused, but a disproportionate percentage of them were, according to...

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The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and Other Mainstream Scientific Organizations Cannot Be Cited as a Reputable, Non-Biased Source

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  • by Truthfinder7070

Respectfully, the APA cannot be cited as a neutral or scientific organization. It is an organization run by homosexual activists and has been since the 1970s. In 1973 the APA removed homosex...

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