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Tennessee Paternity Test Law, Killed By Women's Political Caucus

2010: Remember when the Tennessee Women's Political Caucus killed off a mandatory paternity test law? One that would have protected men from paternity fraud by women? Pepperidge Farm remembers...Women's groups spend an enormous amount of time, activism, and money lobbying for laws that give them special rights and treatment, while simultaneously lobbying AGAINST laws that give men fair and equal treatment.

Nearly 1/3 of men (30%) who were suspicious enough to get a paternity test, found their suspicions were warranted (50% according to the video's study, with a national average of 17%). Imagine how many more are victims that do NOT test. A wise man once said (paraphrasing): "Just because you're the kind of man a woman wants to marry for financial security, does not necessarily mean you're the kind of man she really wants to part her legs for".

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